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  • inverness website design by akota

    something just that little bit different
  • inverness web site design by akota

    ... online learning, guidance & tuition 24/7
  • inverness website creation by akota

    ... our new website for Generator Associates

    our client since 2001.
  • inverness web site creation by akota

    ... online retail can capture that important additional market share
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... our recent website for Rohan B & B

    our client since 2003.
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... our new website for Sinclair Sound & Vision

    one of our new clients
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... e-commerce - respond to the customers preferred way of shopping
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... our new website for Network Refigeration

    our client since 2002
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... our recent web site for The Wee Res

    our client since 2003
  • inverness website design by akota

    ... proprety sales - promote your houses for sale 24/7

we specialise in the web, so you don't have to. 

Inverness Website Design  - Web Site Creation   



At Akota we believe web sites should be a natural extension of each client's business and that web sites should provide additional sales revenue or information via the promotion of your products or service in the way that today's clients have come to expect - the web.

importantly we also believe the your website should work, work for you, 24/7 and accordingly we design websites that do just that, effectively turning their design and creation costs into a tangible investment.
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Website Design & Creation

The sole intentions of Akota's inverness website design service is to either create additional revenue for your business or help you best promote your products &  services. 

Akota can help you either refresh your existing tired old website or help you create your first web presence, so helping ensure that your are best placed to accommodate your customer's internet needs.

an Akota website will have those, your customers needs at it's heart.

Inverness Website Design, web site design inverness, Web Designs Inverness
E-Commerce Web Site Design

Now more then ever,  e-commerce has become the way of life for many shoppers either private or commercial.

every day millions of people use the web to conduct business, purchase products and hire services.

importantly, pay pal's services now enable organisations to accept credit card payments at reduced costs, so expanding the e-commerce market.

an e-commerce website by Akota can help ensure your share of this market.

inverness website design, inverness web design. website design in inverness

Website Design for Mobiles

With internet access now becoming ever increasingly mobile, your website does need to provide a dedicated, user friendly & easy mobile web experience.

traditional websites (created for a desktop environment and with image heavy content) can turn away today's mobile users who won't wait for such sites to load, whereas a dedicated mobi site  helps ensure user involvement.

a mobi website by Akota can help you involve mobile users
in your business.
click for an example

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