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  • humdrum...or...

  • something just that little bit different...

    in web sites - web videos - and seo
  • industrial products

    our new website for Generator Associates

    our client since 2001.
  • tourism providers

    our recent website for Rohan B & B

    our client since 2003.
  • consumer service

    our new website for Sinclair Sound & Vision

    one of our new clients
  • service provision

    our new website for Network Refigeration

    our client since 2002
  • intro videos video

    like this for local business launching a new product, part of an 17 minute film
  • smiley faces video

    as this showing the end user the benefits of product and it's ease of use
  • taking-heads video

    as this one, chartered accountants explaining their service levels available to clients
  • search rankings

    akota client - Generator Associates - 1st and 2nd place rankings with over 9 million listings
  • akota

    we focus on you

we specialise in the web, so you don't have to. 




inverness web design, inverness website design. website design in inverness

All you have to is call, (or email) and our principal Peter Stevens will be pleased to discuss your web and internet based challenges with you.

although those challenges may well be new and perhaps alarming to you, given our 16 years experience in the web you can be sure of one thing,  Akota is well placed to help you resolve those challenges and at the same time provide beneficial outcomes to you business.

so, why not call 0549 441 335 for an informal chat now, and perhaps start off down the road of a long lasting web related partnership with Akota?... as we say on our home page... "
We focus on you!"




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